I'm a landscape photographer, currently living in Reno, NV. During almost 40 years as a librarian, I was lucky enough to work in some great locations, including Austin TX, Marin County, Seattle, and Salt Lake City. Each one of these places provided great opportunities to explore and try to capture some aspect of this terrific planet we live on.

I've also been blessed to have some excellent teachers, from the patient man who taught me the basics of f-stops and shutter speeds back in the 70s, to my photographic guru, Marty Knapp, and sensei Keith Skelton.


Five infrared tree photos published in Shizen online magazine, Fall 2016.

Photos chosen for the Earth Science Picture of the Day website
of the Universities Space Research Association:

* Alvord Desert in Oregon - November 27, 2019
* Exfoliation in the Alabama Hills - October 25, 2019
* Nurse Logs - July 4, 2019
* Crack in the World - March 26, 2019
* Prickly Pear Cactus Viewed in Infrared - April 19, 2018
* Panum Crater, California - January 10, 2018
* Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge - December 13, 2017
* Infrared View of Yosemite from Olmsted Point - October 19, 2016
* Three Distinct Cloud Decks Above the White Mountains of California - April 26, 2016
* Lenticular Clouds over Reno, Nevada - December 22, 2015
Fort Rock Tuff Ring - November 30, 2015
Interior of Obsidian Dome, California - October 6, 2015
* Drought at Grant lake, California - March 6, 2015
* Woolly Fringe-moss Over Iceland's Lava - November 3, 2014
* Iceland's Dettifoss Waterfall - July 9, 2014
* Contrail and Shadow over Smoke Creek Desert, Nevada - June 8, 2014
* Tufa Formations at Winnemucca Dry Lake, Nevada - May 7, 2014
* Sierra Wave Clouds - January 8, 2014
* Epiphytes on Orcas Island - November 1, 2013
* Lake Lenore Caves - August 11, 2013
* White Rim Plateau - June 10, 2013

Pacific Sun (Marin County, CA) Photo Contest
* City from Mt. Tam - 2nd place, Marin Images, 2007
* Morning, White House Pool - 1st place, Marin Images, 2008
* Pacheco Valle Calligraphy - 3rd place, Marin Images, 2010

Tree in Winter, Pyramid Lake - First Place, Special Category (Trees), Marin County Fair, 2008

Nineteen Landscapes and One Bird - exhibit, Café Arrivederci, San Rafael, CA, November 22 - December 18, 2008

Library work and publications


Reference Librarian (2000-2012)
University of California, Berkeley

Service Design Analyst (2000-2001)
California Digital Library
University of California

Internet Services Librarian (1994-1999; telecommuting, 2000)
Washoe County Library, Reno, NV

Networked Information Support Specialist (telecommuting, 1994)
Networked Information Services Coordinator (1991-1993)
Assistant for Computer-based Information Services (1987-1991)
Assistant for Public Services Programs (1981-1987)
General Libraries, University of Texas at Austin

Adjunct Faculty (1983-1994)
Office of Management Services, Association of Research Libraries

Reference Librarian (1976-1981)
Van Pelt Library, University of Pennsylvania


MLS 1975, Rutgers University
MA 1973, Brown University (English literature)
BA 1970, University of Washington


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Outstanding Reviewer, Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2009
MCI Cybrarian of the Year (Nevada, 1998)
Nevada Library Association Progressive Library Service Award (1998)
Washoe County Library System "Jewel of Excellence" Award (November 1998)
UT Austin General Libraries Staff Excellence Award (1990)


Washoe County Library Board of Trustees, Reno NV (2014)
Editorial board, Reference Services Review (1994+, emeritus since August 2008)
Marin County Library Commission (2001-2006, 2009-2010)
Advisory Board, Librarians' Internet Index (2002-2007)